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Consumers want to be able to interact with your business in a frictionless way.  Facebook Messenger is the way to do that…

This presentation will change how you think about doing business and using Facebook Messenger.  Now is not the time to hesitate it’s the time to take action.

Proven methods that deliver


Google Paid Ads

Be at the top of the search for desktop and mobile.  With our optimized Google Ads campaigns, you will grow your business faster. Book a free consultation today.

Facebook Marketing

Our Facebook ads system will get the results in social media marketing that is the core of any business.  Intelligent, creative ads that will fill your funnel with new leads and opportunities to grow. Try us free for one week you will definitely be pleased.


Local Maps Listings

If you are wanting to have the best organic placement in Google then in the maps section is a must. We have many happy clients that are in the top 3 maps position and getting a ton of business. Contact us today and let’s get you in the best free traffic position in Google search.


Video Marketing

Videos are the best way to reach out to new prospects.  Combined with our other offers of just posting a video to your channel and website will increase conversion.  Ask us about our special video offer, book a call.

Website Design

We understand that these days it seems that everyone and their brother are building websites. So our offer to you is get a professionally design website and a super affordable price and just maybe we can help you grow your business.  Once you see how great we are to work with and the excellent service we provide.

Display Ads and Graphics

If you are looking for branding and banner ads to use in your display ad marketing or let us do your banner ad marketing.  Our graphic designs are killer, you will love them. Book a call today and find out how more.

Make Your inbound Marketing a Priority

Strategically Designed Inbound Traffic to Your Business to get more Customers

With our proven inbound marketing methods we will put you in a position to convert more consumers to clients. Our experience in generating inbound traffic will discover the people searching for your products and services that will result in giving you the maximum opportunity for growing your business.  We understand how important it is to get the phone ringing and people coming in the door.  Our digital marketing experience delivers that result.

Paid Ad Platforms for Quality Clicks

We offer a variety of plans and options to work with any budget.  If you are just starting out or if you have seasoned campaigns that need optimization and better targeting with new keywords, new platforms, creatives, and demographics, we have your solution.  Whether Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads or Display Ad marketing we can do it.

Lead Generation Experts Delivering More Clicks

If you don’t have traffic to your website then you don’t have a business that is growing to its full potential.  We create for businesses the strategies used for the internet to get traffic, to provide leads, to help you convert prospects into clients.

Hyper-Local Unique Software for Display Ad Placement

We are crushing it for our clients with display ad targeting and retargeting.  The cost is insanely cheap compared with other paid ad marketing methods this is a great add-on or an excellent method for the budget minded business owner.  Call us for details and get over $900 in added value with professional graphics or videos for marketing this highly effective method of digital marketing.

All the digital marketing you need

All from one provider.  All working together.

Testimonials by satisfied Clients

Mark Farnell, Marketing Rep, and E-commerce Sales

Doug has been a valuable consultant to me for several years on the technical aspects of marketing my online business. He is both knowledgeable and experienced in important traffic generation techniques like site and search engine optimization and paid advertising. He is responsive and reliable. You’ll be pleased with the results you get from having him work on your business.

Nacima Allouche, Real Estate Agent Aruba

Doug is one of the best webmasters you could possibly think of, he really knows what he’s doing and therefore he is able to make the business grow. I would definitely recommend Coastal Clicks to everyone in need of a great webmaster!

Robert Allen Dean CH, NLP, Life Coach

Robert Dean Solutions I have worked with Doug now for some 22 months and I have found his work to be consistently high level, professional and effective… My business has increased significantly since I began working with Doug. He is a pleasure to work with. I can unreservedly recommend his services.

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