Are you reaching your full potential in marketing on the internet?  There are literally hundreds of thousands of websites and TV Channels that you can brand and market your business with and send people directly to your offer page or website. 

Ad Networks

Video Advertisement Venues

Coastal Clicks now gives you access to place your video on TV, which means you can run on millions of connected devices in homes across the globe. Most connected TV inventory is not skippable which means that you can expect to be seen on premium channels like the ones here with very high retention rates (over 90% on average.)

Coastal Clicks’s has powerful targeting tools to play your video in the right households on all the best connected TV devices.

Place video on the biggest sites in the world.

Coastal Clicks places hyper-targeted video at scale on the largest and most visited websites in the world like CNN.com, ESPN, and Huffington Post. Through our partnerships with the leading ad exchanges, ad networks, and publishers, Coastal Clicks provides access to 98% of programmatic audiences worldwide. This access spans all verticals.

We place your videos and ads on biggest and best in the industry. Some of our network of advertisers include.

Connected TV

Why advertise on Connected TV?

What is Connected TV

Connected TV refers to premium content streaming through apps, either on a smart TV or through an over-the-top device. Ads can be served before content or during traditional commercial breaks.

Why advertise on Connected TV?

Connected TV can help you reach vast audiences that aren’t watching cable anymore — or never did. You can also unify your ad buys across linear and streaming, with smarter measurement and more control over who sees your ads and how often.

GEO Targeting

Househould Targeting

Finding the ideal viewer starts with basic demographics. Coastal Clicks taps into the most sophisticated data partners to collect trillions of data points. Sift through them with the click of a few simple buttons to target scores of audience segments. Find an audience based on household income, credit score, number of kids, and dozens of other identifiers


Funneling a campaign into a specific location gives it focus, and increases the relevancy of creative work. With the Coastal Clicks platform, video delivery can be as narrow as zipcodes and DMAs, or as broad as the entire U.S. We’ll be expanding the reach of Connected TV to include more countries so ask if your country location is part of the growing list.

How We Target Your Audience


Finding a client’s ideal consumer starts with basic demographics. We tap into the most sophisticated data partners to target scores of audience segments from household income to credit score and relationship status to number of kids.

Behaviors & Psychographics

Consumers, of course, are more than basic demographic numbers. Targeting consumer
psychographics and behaviors help achieve additional relevance. We use algorithms that
identifies people by what makes them who they are. We use details like purchase history, political affiliation, magazine subscriptions, internet searches, social media, even favorite music.


Funneling a campaign into a specific location gives it focus, and increases the relevancy of creative work. With the Brandzooka platform, video delivery can be as narrow as a zipcode or as broad as a nation. We offer this level of targeting in over 120 countries worldwide.

Coastal Clicks Connects You to the Future of Media

Connected TV is a once-in-a-generation media opportunity for advertisers

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US households watch
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connected screens


Of ad budgets for video in 2021 will go to digital video rather than traditional TV


Of US households
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Pinpoint targeting leverages the best data management platforms


Connected to over 30
DMP’s offering
maximum diversity


We leverage over 4
billion audience


Publishers, Data
Owners, & Research


Audience behavioral
demo & psycho
targeting segments

Branding with Connected TV

Imagine a world without brands. It’s messy, confusing and not at all enjoyable for consumers who need to decide where they want their money spent on a daily basis.

In this day and age it is more important than ever that your brand stands out from the crowd: you must be authoritative in order to survive.

A brand with authority is seen as an expert by its customers and they tend to trust them more than other companies. This translates into higher engagement rates for your company, but also increased sales from people seeing you as someone worth trusting when it comes time to make big decisions about what products they buy online or offline.

Brands today are more than just businesses, they’re the meeting point for consumers and companies. In a world where we all want to make an impact in society there is one common goal: be as engaging with your customers as much as possible.

Display Ads - Banner Advertising

Banner/Display Ads are very powerful. Why else would every major brand use them everywhere you look.

Recognize these?

Display Ad Marketing – is placing your ad on websites based on your target markets interest.  Example: Health, Home Improvement, Legal, Sports, Travel, etc…

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