Content is probably the most important  

Content Creation (Stuff that goes Viral):

Image result for periodic table of the internet With the quality of content, the quantity of content matters a lot. The best way to spread your name across the face of the internet is to have content to go viral. But, making something that becomes popular overnight is not in your hands. In fact it is highly unpredictable. So the only thing you can be sure of is to regularly create videos, info graphics and material that has your brand name on it and ensure that it is of high quality. You don’t want to get a bad name, do you? While another method is to create content and allow others to make use of it freely. The only advantage being, the credits that you get. Create free industry reports, surveys and simple ex plainer videos that can be used by others in their blog posts. You may not be guaranteed of a link, but your brand name is being registered in the minds of thousands of prospective customers who consume your content and appreciate it.