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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis - a highly effective process to quit smoking without withdrawals, pills or patches

Lose Weight with Hypnosis - the best affordable way To lose weight fast without surgery, medicine or meal plans

Stop Anxiety and Stress from running your life eliminate panic attacks and phobias, relieve Stress and insomnia, let go of the past

Change Unwanted Behaviours, Beliefs And Habits - quickly And easily with Hypnosis

Hypnosis is Safe and Effective - the best and fastest method to create change in your life

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Book your FREE consultation today or call (816) 357-8778 to speak with Joshua Kirnie CH

Recent Testimonials

Kicking the Sugar Habit - Food Addiction

“I have been amazed at the process! I never thought I would not want to eat sugary foods, drink soda, or eat late at night.”

Gary Zaino – Pizza Shop Owner

Nicotine – Smoke Cessation

“I still don’t believe I haven’t smoked after 42 years of 2-3 packs a day*!”


Lost 90 lbs and Kept It Off

“I had been fat my whole life.Althought there was heart disease in my family,I was in denial that it could happen to me…*”

Mike Poirier 

I lost 47 lbs. and 21 inches

“I lost 47 pounds and 21 inches in 6 months with this program and kept it off. I went from size 14 to size 2!*”

Jeannie Joslyn

Lost 60 lbs in 2006 and has kept it off.

” I had been fat my whole life. Although there is heart disease in my family, I was mostly in denial that I could die from obesity…” Mike

Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Manage Stress, Pain Relief, Fears & More…

Using hypnosis to create positive changes in the subconscious mind.

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Hypnotherapy Services

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Losing weight and keeping it off is much easier than you probably think. Losing weight with hypnosis is absolutely the best and easiest way to diet and maintain it.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Use the power of hypnosis to break your habit of smoking.  You can now quit smoking without cravings, pills, patches, or gaining weight with hypnosis fast.

Stress & Anxiety Hypnosis

Take control of your life with hypnosis.  Hypnotherapy can reduce stress and the anxiousness you feel helping to restore your health and relationships.

Pain Management

Personalized attention is the key to effective pain management through hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis can help you manage the pain.

Hypnosis for Insominia

Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep during the night?  Finally, sleep sound and get a good night’s rest with hypnosis.

Relief From Fear & Phobias

Fear is felt over something dangerous and realistically menacing. Phobia is a persistent fear. Find relief from your fears and anxieties with hypnosis.

Improve Sports Performance

Hypnosis can help athletes improve their game by learning to relax under pressure, maintain focus, and break bad habits.

Public Speaking Confidence

Has the fear of public speaking keeping you from success and promotions? Hypnosis can help you gain the confidence you need.

Stop Vaping

You thought vaping was going to be a good substitute for smoking and found out it’s just as bad.  Hypnosis to break the vaping habit.

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Your consultation is 100% free. If you’re accepted into a program, you’ll receive a written service guarantee. So call now!

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