Turn millions of Facebook users into customers with highly customized social media advertising campaigns. Using Facebook’s advanced targeting technology, our social media management team helps you reach new audiences and re-engage customers who’ve already visited your site.

Facebook Ads Marketing

Own Your Facebook Account

We help you create your own Facebook Ad Manager account if you don’t have one.  We will walk you through the process or create a video of how we did it on your behalf so you know what’s involved.

Transparent Reporting

Always know how your campaigns are performing through scheduled calls with your Paid Social Account Manager, and reports emailed to you.

Business Page Configuration

Configure your business page feed for any Paid Social client, we offer product feed setup and creatives to represent your business.

Conversion Tracking

We’ll measure the performance of your social media ad campaigns by tracking all clicks, views, and conversions they lead to.

To track activity across your ads and website, we’ll get you set up with Google Analytics, the Facebook Pixel, and Facebook’s Business Manager.

Advanced Audience Targeting

Facebook’s superior targeting capabilities enable our Facebook Ads Management team to zero in on the people most likely to buy from your business. Ads are strategically placed using audience selection tools, targeting specific demographics, locations, interests, and more.

Remarketing ads are used to seal the deal with potential buyers who’ve visited your website previously. Using the Facebook Pixel, we will set up hyper-targeted remarketing ads to users who have performed specific actions on your website.

Custom Ad Creation

Our social media advertising team of analysts, copywriters, and graphic designers work collaboratively to create custom ads for every step of your buyer’s journey.

We’ll always report on the success of your ads and offer recommendations based on their performance.

Select packages include ads to drive new traffic, ads to re-engage potential customers, as well as premium GIFs and animated videos that bring your brand to life.

Paid Social Packages

All packages come with:

  • Facebook Business Manager

  • Product Catalog Configuration

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Facebook Ad Account Creation

  • Pixel Installation

  • Routine Optimization