Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ways to drive direct bookings?

Paid Ads are the best way to drive direct bookings. Google/Bing and/or Facebook.

You will need a landing page, not a website so that people don’t get distracted and start surfing your site. You want them to stay focused on what you spent good money and ad dollars on to get them to take your offer.  An incentive with a call to action, “Booking” should be clear.

A video about the offer creates higher conversions and an optin form to get their email so you can continue to contact them.

Using an email autoresponder is also recommended so you can have follow up email campaigns for at least the next 5 days.  Most conversions need at least 5 to 7 touches.

Another way to be active with touches is with a display ad remarketing campaign.  This is like when you go to Amazon and look at something that thing follows you all over the place, you can do the same thing, it’s going to help boost your conversions.

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Can anyone offer advice for reaching the right clients?

I see you are not doing Facebook nor Google Ads.  I have done, am doing, successful campaigns in both, several are international.  One, in particular, is a real estate broker in Aruba and we bring her clients from all over the world.  This is going to be your best method of finding clients.

​Using video ads with Facebook or your projects would be awesome. Also remarketing with banners and video to everyone that visits your site then leaves (96% of people statistically) will bring back those seriously considering having this done.

You also need a lead magnet.  A lead magnet is something you give away or have something that they cannot get anywhere else to make them contact you or provide you with their contact information so you can followup.​​

Also I notice your generic exposure on Facebook is relatively low as well.  You need to put your videos and more photos there. Try to include some humorous ones (bloppers).

Finally, on your Facebook cover, you have an image – put a video there showcasing some of your work with an advertising message. This is killer for getting people’s attention.  It’s your personal Facebook Billboard, use it.

​Lastly, get Google and Facebook reviews of how people liked your work is a must nowadays. Over 80% of people make a decision based solely on reviews of what other peoples said and the experience they had with your business.


From 2017 to  present 97% of local consumers had looked online for local businesses while 9 in 10 trusted online reviews as much as personal recommendations.