Google My Business Packages

Get Your Google Local Business Maps Listing Claimed and Ranked

Is your business listed in the Maps section of Google.  If it is where are you in the listings, the top 3 or buried somewhere down the list? Getting your business listed is great but moving to the top of the pack is awesome. Once you’re ranked in the top 3 you will get more calls and website visits.  Also, your reputation and branding will grow.

Claim Your Listing

CLAIM – First things first. We help you verify, claim, and set up your Google listing. If you are not showing up or showing up permanently closed but you are not (ouch)- we create a listing for you. If you have a listing and already done this before we can still help even if its to gain access to it.

Manage Your Listing

MANAGE – We update, correct, and add any missing business information. We also add your photos and videos and ensure you can be found on the map.  We fully manage your business listing. We have experience helping many businesses we know exactly what to do. All you need to do is book a consultation.

Optimize Your Listing

OPTIMIZE – Here is where our expertise comes in. We have a dedicated team that will optimize your listing for you to increase your online visibility. We also provide a one-on-one appointment with a Senior SEO analyst who will show you personalized reports. This will increase your client base and  grow your reputation

Your level of competition for your niche will determine the extent and time it takes you to reach that goal of getting to the top.

How much is one client worth?  What is their lifetime value and how many referrals do you get from your average client?  What kind of reviews do you receive from your clients?

The benefits of being in the top of the Google My Business maps section (GMB) is enormous. Contact us today and let’s get started on getting your listing boosted to a whole new level.

If branding wasn’t important Coke, Budweiser, McDonalds  would stop advertising.  Being on the top and have us branding you is key.