Hello, my name is –say your name-,

Is this -name of the owner-?

OK, perfect.

I’m calling in reference to the Google listing for -name of the company-

-am I speaking with the business owner of? (the name that appears).

The reason for this call is that our records show that the Google business listing for -name of the company-

Is not displaying properly.

That means that if there a customer looking for the services that you provide,

You are not showing up properly.

And that can turn into a red flag like you are not currently in business.

Were you aware of this?


Are you familiar with what Google My Business listings is in the Maps section of Google search, do you know how it works?

*no-okay, I’ll explain to you a little, so you know what we are talking about.

-Yes, okay so you already know. Explain anyway.

Google allows every business in the United States to have a listing with a name, address, and phone number.

But at this moment Google doesn’t know your company is valid or what your company does, or that your business is still active.

Which is why we need to claim or create and verify the listing one time, then Google will validate you as a real Company for the public to see with the correct information.

So to get your listing displaying correctly, we need to verify your company information that is going to be on Google,

Such as the Company Name, address, phone number, email, hours of operation, description, and more

Also to make sure the correct category and keywords are implemented.

So, just to confirm 

(If you want to: I’m going to verify some information with you, if I’m missing something, I’m going to ask you, okay?)

As soon as I complete this information on how your business will be displaying you will receive an email where you can complete the purchase of our services.

The price of our services is $597 which is a one-time fee. But for Today I will provide you a $200 dollars discount which will be $397

Please confirm if you receive our email.

Reason for the call

*are you google?*

We are Unik Marketing Solutions, we are a Marketing agency and we work with small companies to ensure your Google Listing is properly handled. We also provide many other digital marketing solutions for your business.


The reason for this call is because 3% of the business’s In your location are in danger of losing their listing.

So we need to confirm that everything is accurate on your listing

In the case that a customer is looking for your services, they are able to find the information that they need.

So just to verify the info all I need to do is confirm your business information is correct on your Google Maps listing if it exist, and this way your Google My Business listing can be a verify company for the public view and get so much more traffic to your website and offers.