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Google Business Profile (GBP) previously known as Google My Business (GMB) is the most important organic listing you will have in positioning your business in the SERPs (search engine result pages). Often referred to as the Maps section it is a highly profitable section of Google properties to be located, a powerful part of any SEO strategy. Make the most of your Google listing with the help of a GBP expert.



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Our GBP Management Services will help you:

Google Maps Management

Benefits of Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (or GBP) is a business listing within Google that is particularly beneficial to “local” businesses, or businesses that rely on their location for the product or service they offer (e.g. a physical store or a business that caters to one specific city/region/etc). As such, most businesses benefit from GBP.

What mainly sets GBP apart from other directories is the amount of detail that can go into the listing; and as Google continues to give GBP listings more importance and expand their capabilities, the detail that can go into a listing is only getting more complex. While GBP listings used to be “optional” for businesses, they are now just as important as a website. Given the importance and detail, it is imperative that businesses get their profiles set up and optimized correctly. Top services in Google Business Profile today.

Aside from more traffic to your website, better search engine rankings, and more leads, there are many benefits for investing in your Google Business Profile:

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Our Google Business Profile Monthly Service We Will:

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GBP West Palm Beach Before

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