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Norman P. CCHt
Norman P. CCHt
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"Moving from FB to Google ads was a great decision and Doug and George are THE best! The last two agencies I used had me working for them in that I made their fee back and a little for me. HypnosisTip/Coastal Clicks is consistently producing a 10-15x return! Their special brand of magic has me consistently at the top of google searches. HypnosisTip/Coastal Clicks is the real deal, cannot speak highly enough of my experience."

Carmela Tunzi CHt

Working With A Compony That Is Responsive To Our Business Needs Is Important. We Appreciate the Response to our needs, and mostly seeing the phone Ring again. Thank You Looking Fwd to growing Our Hypnosis offices More…!

Gill Leon CCHt

Great sense of direction with Marketing. Doug really knows what and when to ask the right questions to find what would be convenient for your business and he s always there just a phone call away from resolving and improving. I highly recommend Coastal Clicks for your marketing needs when you are looking for real results. The best.

Google & Bing Ads

We are pay per click specialist in the hypnosis niche. Over 12 years in the hypnosis industry. We are a Certified Google Partner.

Google Business Profile

Having your GBP ranking in the top 3 positions of the Maps section of Google is going to get your the most business. Let's chat.

Website Design

We build affordable websites for many hypnotherapist. When you are in our ads program you get a free landing page.

Google Ads For Hypnosis

We specialize in hypnosis/hypnotherapy marketing.  We have been doing Google Ads for over 12 years and have developed a highly optimized campaign of ads that are the best in the industry.  Let us do a free live account analysis for you and show you what’s right and what’s wrong with your ads.

If you don’t have ads no problem. We don’t use existing campaigns anyway, but we start with a whole new ad campaign optimized for every hypnotist location. Every demographic is different and takes our understanding to bring it to it’s best performance.

Bonuses When You Sign Up With Us

Sign up with us today and get a free landing page worth $400, get a complete analysis of your ads account (if you have one) a $350 value, and a detailed visibility report of your Google search presence a $250 value. You cannot go wrong with all this information, even if you don’t use our services you are miles ahead in knowledge now.

Google Business Profile

The Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business (GMB) is the best place organically that you can be positioned.  When you are in the top 3 you will get more phone call and website visits than any organic listing below the Maps section. 

Reviews are seriously important. Get as many as you can. 

Or programs are comprehensive and will get you to the top to get leads for a long time with just a few months investment. 

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