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Hypnotherapy Google Ad Campaigns to Help You Reach More People That Need Your Services.


Are you looking to get more quality leads from people searching for help that need your services?


We have over 8 Years Working with Hypnotherapists and have Developed Highly Successful Optimized Google Ad Campaigns


Fully Managed Hypnotherapy Campaigns and Optimized for Your Demograhic Region

Leads start coming in right away and it doesn’t stop there we continually work to optimize the campaign for your local area and your specific specialties.


You Get Exclusivity to Your Local Area

We are extremely affordable and you will rise above the competition and with our expertise in the hypnosis industry.


Get Personalized Support To Help Your Business Grow.

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Get More Quality Leads To Grow My Practice

Get Started Getting More New Clients
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Carmela Tunzi CHT

Carmela Tunzi CHt

Working With A Compony That Is Responsive To Our Business Needs Is Important. We Appreciate the Response to our needs, and mostly seeing the phone Ring again. Thank You Looking Fwd to growing Our Hypnosis offices More…!

Carmela Tunzi CHT

Gill Leon CCHt

Great sense of direction with Marketing. Doug really knows what and when to ask the right questions to find what would be convenient for your business and he s always there just a phone call away from resolving and improving. I highly recommend Coastal Clicks for your marketing needs when you are looking for real results. The best.

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One Month Stats with our Optimized Google ads for a client. He is loving us.*

Google Stats

We have spent over 8 years working with hypnotherapists developing a highly optimized Google Ads campaign that will increase the quality of your leads by 50% to 100%. We have spent 100’s hours developing our ad campaigns and strategies that have increased the number of prospects to our clients significantly.

If you are not using Google ads or if you are with bad results there are probably several reasons:


You tried with miserable results and a bad ROI or you were burned by a marketing agency/person that did not know your industry or you worked with Google directly, never a good idea.


You thought it was too expensive or hard and didn't trust anyone to deliver results. We get it but we have lots of satisfied clients.

Get Results:


Your campaign will be optimized for hypnosis and maintained to produce you a positive cash flow for your demographic market and the specialty area you work in.


There are no contracts and we only work with one hypnosis client per local area (we have statewide and national plans available).

Get results with our digital marketing - Increase your ROI by optimized Google campaigns

See your analytics report any time you want!

Clearly, with our optimized Google Ad campaigns, we will increase the quality and amount of leads and clients you will get.

We constantly work on the ad campaigns to take advantage of trends and Google changes that will affect conversions.  We have a huge list of negative keywords to avoid waste and we are continually adding to it.

We have the best hypnotherapy ad marketing campaign in the business.

*result vary per demographic area and there are no guarantees implied.

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