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Contact Us Today To Get a No Obligation Analysis Of How We Can Improve Your Marketing Ad Strategy. Call 1-888-368-4476

Michael Boltz Attorney at lawMichael P.L.L.C. 

“Coastal Clicks is my 6th internet marketer and webmaster. I finally found people who know how to get top placement, are skillful, highly technological, know how market, but best of all they stay engaged and are helpful at every stage. Everyone else was just a quickly fading promise or an overstated knowhow. I have all the business I can handle. I am not going to leave Coastal Clicks.”

Norman Google ReviewNorman Plotkin 5 star review

“Moving from FB to Google ads was a great decision and Doug and George are THE best! The last two agencies I used had me working for them in that I made their fee back and a little for me. Coastal Clicks is consistently producing a 10-15x return! Their special brand of magic has me consistently at the top of google searches. Coastal Clicks is the real deal, cannot speak highly enough of my experience.”

Keyword research for effective ads

Fully optimized PPC ad campaigns

GEO Targeting a local or national audience

Conversion Tracking - Weekly Reports

Ads monitored daily - optimized weekly

Landing page creation*

Analytics tools setup and management

Remarketing ads setup and management

Our Approach to PPC for Physicians

It’s vital to understanding how to efficiently optimize a PPC search campaign by knowing how prospective clients are selecting physicians and medical practices online. With this understanding, our Google Ads certified PPC specialists can create a successful campaign that will help you achieve your goals and drive more potential clients to your offer.

What is PPC for Physicians?

PPC (pay-per-click advertising) is a direct search online marketing program that you, the advertiser, pay a fee each time one of your medical practice ads is clicked by someone searching for medical help. PPC ads show up at the very top of the search results for search engines such as Google and Microsoft Bing.  This provides instant brand visibility for the keyword terms used in the search and a call to action description that will drive these consumers to select your ad above your competitors.

Why PPC Advertising is Perfect for Physicians?

In seeking to ad more traffic to your medical practice across the major search networks such as Google, there’s no faster way to drive traffic than through strategic use of PPC. We also use banner ads for branding and remarketing. We will build a paid ad campaign that can affordably achieve your goals and give you a positive ROI. 

PPC Services For Physicians


Google Ads


Google Local Service Ads


Google Remarketing Banners


Google Maps


Bing Ads

What Kind Of Return On Investment Can I See From PPC

We recognize that the cost of PPC rates are high in the medical industry, so we need to make each dollar as cost effective as possible. With our optimization techniques in managing your PPC campaigns, we can target the exact people that are currently looking for your services to lower the cost of each conversion and get you the best return on your investment. This way, you can focus on protecting the rights of your clients, and leave the growth of your business to us.

Branding and Remarketing Ads for Physicians

Our remarketing banner ads help to grow and brand your practice. 

Statistics are that over 92% of website visitors leave without taking action. Once we have built up a sizeable audience to your website we can begin following visitors around the web with these remarking ads.

Display banner ads are huge for branding and getting people searching on the web for relevant topics to find you in an organic way.  Also, Geofencing presents people in an area you have defined and shows your banner ads to them for more branding and website traffic.


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