Never Search For Your Own Google Ads - Searching for Your Ads Is Bad!!!

Searching for or clicking on your own Google ads using keywords for your business is generally considered a bad idea due to a concept known as “impression skewing” or “click fraud.” Here are a few reasons why it is discouraged:

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A Few Important Reasons Why Searching for Your Google Ads is a Bad Idea

1) Inflated costs: This should be obvious, but when you click on your own Google ads, it artificially increases the number of clicks and impressions, which can exhaust your daily budget quickly. This will lead to a waste of your advertising budget and reduce the effectiveness of your campaign.

2) Performance metrics distortion: Frequent clicks from the same IP address or device may skew your performance metrics, making it difficult to assess your ads’ actual performance. It will hinder our ability to make informed decisions about the best advertising strategy.

3) Ad ranking and relevancy: Google’s algorithms consider various factors, including click-through rate (CTR) and ad relevance, to determine the position and effectiveness of your ads. Suppose you occasionally click on your ads without converting/following through with actions to call or fill out a form. In that case, it can negatively impact your ad’s quality score, leading to a lower ad position and reduced visibility for legitimate potential customers.

4) Violation of terms of service: Clicking on your own ads violates Google’s terms of service and can lead to penalties, including suspension or termination of your advertising account. Google’s systems are designed to detect suspicious click activities, and engaging in click fraud can harm your reputation and long-term advertising prospects.

Instead of searching for your ads, it’s recommended to use the ad management tools provided by Google Ads, such as the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tools. This tool allows you to see how your ads appear in search results without inflating impression counts or affecting performance metrics. Also, we provide a tool so you can see the ad performance.

If you would like help getting this all straight contact us Coastal Clicks and grow you business. 

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