Google systems are designed to detect and prevent click fraud, and searching for your own ads will trigger Google analytics to identify you and lead to your account being flagged or penalized. Therefore, it is not recommended to search for your own ads on Google.

Additionally, searching for your own Google ads in the search can lead to an inflated number of clicks on your ads, which can lead to an increased cost for your advertising campaign without any additional benefit.

Also, it can skew your click-through rate (CTR) and conversion data, making it more difficult to accurately measure the performance of your ads. It is best to avoid searching for your own ads to ensure accurate tracking and cost-effective advertising  

Furthermore,¬†searching for your own Google ads in the search can lead to “click fraud,” which occurs when someone repeatedly clicks on an ad to inflate its click-through rate and drive up the cost of the ad for the advertiser. This can lead to wasted advertising spending and can negatively impact your ad account.