Pay Per Click Advertising

Done for you campaigns that are optimized to deliver more leads to your business.

Grow Your Client Base with PPC Google Ads

Custom Campaigns Created For You

We specifically create new campaigns that are designed for your business and demographics.  Custom ads and creatives to attract the best customers seeking your services and offer.

Daily & Weekly Optimizations & Testing

Your account is monitored daily and optimized to keep your performance at its best so you don’t miss any opportunities and continuously deliver the best leads.

Detailed Conversion Tracking & Reporting

We set up and install conversion tracking analytics to fully understand your client base and provide you with detailed reporting so you can visualize what is going on with your campaigns.

Google Ads Is Our Specialty

Our strategic digital marketing service is Google Ads. We have spent over 11 years working as a Google Partner developing a highly optimized Google Ads campaigns that will increase the quality of your leads by 50% to 100%. We have hundreds of hours developing ad campaigns in many niches (see below) that are delivering new clients to local businesses. It’s time to partner up with us and grow your business.

5 Star Rating

Todd Taylor PPLC

“Coastal Clicks was the perfect solution when I needed someone the help me with my website and its Google rankings. Great service at a fair price. What more can you ask?”

5 Star Rating

Michael … Law Firm

“Coastal Clicks is my 6th internet marketer and webmaster. I finally found people who know how to get top placement, are skillful, highly technological, know how market, but best of all they stay engaged and are helpful at every stage. Everyone else was just a quickly fading promise or an overstated knowhow. I have all the business I can handle. I am not going to leave Coastal Clicks.”

A Message From George…

The Paid Traffic Guy

By hiring us you won’t get passed off to a junior or intern. Nor will you be palmed off by some high-pressure sales guy. Instead, you’ll be working directly with George or Doug. We’ll be more then just your “point of contact”… we’re the specialists actually working on your account. As certified Google Partners and decades in the digital marketing industry we’re confident in our ability to bring you the highest level of results and service.

George we value our clients

We Help Small & Medium Size Businesses – Even Large Multi-Locations

Pay Per Click Management

Setting up a Google AdWords Search Marketing campaign to be profitable is increasingly complex.

Optimizing your search marketing for maximum conversion, writing your ad copyright, setting your bid strategy, analyzing the competition, and dealing with Google regulations and constant changes is only something you can do after years of experience and dedication.

Our PPC  campaigns are fully optimized to get the best click-thru rates and ultimately increase conversions leading to better results for our clients year after year.

Your Options for Our Pay Per Click Programs:

    First, we’ll need to learn more about your company, top competitors and target audience. Next, we will recommend an advertising strategy unique for your business. After all of us feel this is a good fit, we will accept payment and get to work creating or overhauling your existing campaigns.

    We manage Facebook, Google AdWords & Bing Ads for all types of businesses from small to large. These platforms are very powerful if you use them the right way. We eliminate the confusion and increase revenue by focusing on efficient ad spend, targeted audiences and a profitable ROI for every campaign.
    If you’re serious about growing your business through effective online advertising, you need to schedule a call with us today. We are a Google Certified Partner, which means we are trained and have passed extensive exams. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business.

    6 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Ads?


    Reason #1: Quality Traffic - Reach Prospects Who Are Ready to Buy NOW!

    With Google Ads, you’re getting in front of prospects who are ready to buy right now…. all you have to do is give them what they’re asking for!

    And when you advertise on the RIGHT keywords (which I call “bullseye keywords”), you’ll get in front of prospects who are ready to buy from you right now… so you stop wasting your time and money chasing “tire kickers.”

    Reason #2: Steady Traffic: Get New Customers, Every Month

    My favorite thing about Google Ads is the predictability…

    With Google Ads, it’s like you’re in front of a river of new prospects every month…

    And when you get a campaign set up properly, you’ll get a steady flow of new prospects and customers every month!

    Reason #3: Immediate Results: Get New Customers in Hours!

    With Google Ads, you can set up a campaign and start getting clicks within hours, or even minutes… and I’ve set up several new campaigns for clients who started receiving their first customers that same day!

    So, if you want to attract customers right away, you should advertise on Google…

    Reason #4: Powerful Tracking: to Maximize Your Return on Investment (ROI)!

    If you’re a small business owner looking for maximum results from your marketing and advertising dollars, Google Ads gets my #1 recommendation…

    With Google Ads, you can see exactly which keywords are driving clicks and sales (and which keywords are NOT working) and then optimize your campaign to maximize your profits!

    Reason #5: Low Risk: You Can Get Started on a Tiny Budget!

    You only pay when prospects click on your ads, and there’s no minimum budget with Google Ads…

    You can get started with as little as $10, $20 or $100 and see what results you get before investing more. Google Ads is the lowest-risk advertising option available anywhere…

    Reason #6. Scalable: Google Ads Can Build Million Dollar Businesses

    Last but not least, there is a HUGE amount of traffic available on Google!

    So, if you’re looking to dramatically grow your business, and generate hundreds or even thousands of new customers every month, Google Ads is a great place to focus…

    Bonus #7: Why You Should Go With Us?

    In addition to teaching Google Ads best practices, we manage Google Ads advertising accounts for clients with more than $1,000,000/month in Google Ads spend, that is over $10,000,000/year. (Actual numbers)

    We partner and help these types of industries:

    Day Care Centers
    Moving Companies
    Auto Repair

    Massage Therapy
    Roofing Contractors
    Power Washers
    Commercial Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning
    Hearing Aids
    Affiliate Marketing
    Security Services
    Tourism Industry

    Real Estate
    Auto Dealers
    Consulting Services
    Industrial Products
    Asphalt Paving
    and many more…