Organic SEO vs. PPC

B2B marketers’ number one challenge is driving a constant stream of high-quality sales leads. In the quest to deliver a shorter, fatter pipeline of revenue opportunities, many of the most successful B2B marketers have turned to SEO = search engine optimisation & SEM = search engine marketing and, PPC = pay per click ad’s ad’s –(eg) Google Adwords

What’s the difference? Organic results comprise of natural traffic from search engine searches using key phrases that describe the solution/product or service your business provides. “Become a Keyword Psychic” You need to know ahead of time what / how people are searching for your product/services. We help identify profitable keywords related to your website content.

PPC is “pay-per-click” advertising and provides immediate traffic from major search engines and websites but also incurs immediate marketing costs. Number one rule of PPC…it’s not about buying clicks, it’s about buying customers!

When people discuss “site ranking’s “, they are generally referring to the crawler-based search engines, which list search results based on relevancy. But how is that relevancy determined?

Search engines determine relevancy by applying a set of rules known as an algorithm.
Which each engine’s algorithms are different, they all look for similar things:

Location of Keywords – Search engines first check title tags, headlines, and the first two paragraphs of content for keyword matches.

The frequency of Keywords – Search engines look at how often a word appears on a page. The more frequently the word shows up, the more relevant the site.

Popularity: A good site will prompt others to link to it. External links from reputable sites will enhance your website’s ranking in search engines.

Search engines use complex, secret and ever-changing mathematical algorithms to rank sites. To improve a website’s search rank, marketers can turn to search engine optimization Firm or SEO Firm.

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